Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome to the NEW TAD

Hello TAD subscribers. Today we move from our bi-weekly newsletter to a weekly Blog entry. We were finding fewer and fewer of you had time to open the newsletter and read the information inside. I know I receive a lot of newsletters each week, and most of them end up in my, “I will read you one day,” folder in Outlook, never to be seen again. Our Blog will still provide you with valuable information with fresh ideas and informative discussions, which will sometimes ramble into humor. Hey. Accountants are not all dry!

First, a couple of big stories coming out of TAD. On November 2008, TADAccounting was purchased by Accountacus, LLC, a firm based in South Carolina. At the same time, the firm purchased Outsourced Financial, a South Carolina based outsourced accounting firm. This really is a match made in heaven. TADAccounting,s years of outsourced accounting experience blended with Outfi’s tax specialties, create one firm allowing a broadening of financial services. Through this partnership, we can now provide professional tax, CFO and financial conversion services to our clients. We also gain a strong CFO, through the acquisition, Scott Powell, CPA. His background and experience in the public and private field provides a strong foundation for TAD’s growth. Expect a lot of great changes over the coming years which will strengthen our services and our relationships with clients.

You might also have noticed our entire image has changed. From our logo to our business cards, TAD is growing up. Our website has been updated, providing more relevant information to potential clients. Through our merger, we can now feel comfortable in opening our services to not only small to medium sized companies, but corporations as well. We feel the website is easier to navigate for the browser, and allows the user to find information quicker, as all links are located at the bottom of each page. One click access.

We are also extremely proud to announce TAD will begin offering accounting services to Spanish speaking business owners beginning May 1, 2009. These services will be provided through our partnership with Chicas Vilchez & Ruiz. They have been in business for over 24 years, so we feel confident in their work and client relationships.

TAD has also worked with CPA firms to provide a new service that we call CPA Solutions. CPA Solutions allow CPA and accountants who focus mostly on taxes to begin offering outsourced accounting to their business clients. Through a client based portal, a CPA’s clients can send TAD accounting work as if it was going through their CPA. We do the work, provide the CPA the financials, and then the CPA presents the information to the client. TAD pays the CPA or accountant a monthly retainer, so the CPA not only collects revenue at tax time, but monthly from the client as well.

TAD will also announce on June 1, 2009 a new platform for clients to access their fiancial reports and daily accounting tasks directly through the desktop. So, there is a lot going on at TAD!

I greatly appreciate your time, and look forward to sharing more with you over the coming weeks, months and years.

Scott West / COO

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