Friday, April 24, 2009

OneNote Obsession

I have a confession to make. I am an obsessive note taker. I love notes. Give me a legal pad, a freshly sharpened pencil and I can go to town on notes. Sticky pads, got five of them right here on my desk, wait make that seven; two are buried under my legal pad. I am a slight obsessive/compulsive, so not only do I have notes, I have all my notes from ten years ago. Need an email that was sent from a client three years ago, no fear, let me check my archive. What’s that you say, we discussed something over the phone nine months ago, one second while I pull out my categorized weekly, daily, monthly notepad and look it up!

Come on, stand up and shout it. I know there are some amongst you that are the same way. See, you, young lady right there with the thirty sticky notes surrounding your monitor, stand up and be proud, for today I have a cure, and the cure is Microsoft One Note!

Microsoft One Note is the answer to my obsessive note taking prayers. Get rid of reams of legal pads, take down the wall of fluorescent yellow, pink and green reminder notes, because I guarantee once you use OneNote, you are never going back!

Within OneNote I can create an ocean of Notebooks, and within each Notebook I can have as many New Pages as I want. And within each page I can… take notes! But wait, before you change blogs, you can do so much more. I can doodle, that’s right, doodle while you are talking to me. But not making really bad representations of dogs and cats, I can create flow charts and line drawings of your accounting processes while you speak. I can go to your website, and copy and paste sections into the notes, guess what OneNote automatically does, it notates it! That is right, at the bottom it shows the date and time I copied the information, but also creates a direct link to the website, right down to the page the text was pulled from. Then I can turn around and send you the page via email, or even PDF the page.

I can take notes and drag them over the task icon, and suddenly I have a task to do in Outlook. I can tag notes, color code them, index them; categorize them in any way I want. I can do this with the whole page or within sections of the page. Plus I can do screen captures by simply pressing the windows key with the letter S on my keyboard, and OneNote becomes a screen capture tool as well. Need a voice reminder? I can attach voice notes and video notes to any section of any page. I can format, bullet point, copy, paste and print. Unlimited power. This is only a small taste of what OneNote can do for you.

So, my little sticky note friends, I bid you a fond farewell. Although you have served me well for the last 20 years I must now leave you in the Office Depot aisle never more to become stuck to my shoe as I leave the office.

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